Gadget Reviews for Small Businesses

Gadget Reviews for Small Businesses

Things have never looked so great for small businesses. Low-cost tech is making all kinds of things possible for the small businessman. There are answering services, there is Google Voice that allows the small businessman to get all of his voicemail texted to him on his cell phone and there are cheaper alternative methods in which he can process payments. Let’s look at a few gadget reviews for the best new low-cost tech aimed at small business.

One could probably do a whole bunch gadget reviews for payment processing devices that allow you to cheaply accept credit cards and everything else. Let’s concentrate on one of the best devices out there today – the Square, by the founder of Twitter. This device, (that is presumably called Square for the square shape of card reader you get to plug into your iPhone) allows you to accept credit cards through your iPhone for a flat 2.75% processing fee. You don’t actually have to have a real business per se to accept credit card payments anymore. You could be a kid who cleans someone’s yard or shovels snow and expects to get paid for it. For the real small businessman though, there all kinds of alternative methods to choose from other than the Square – PAYware and OboPay are two prominent choices. Le Labyrinthe La Terre brulee Streaming

Small businessmen work with very limited budgets. And they really need to make sure that not one dollar gets spent for no reason. But that’s exactly what lots of small businessmen actually end up doing. For every mile that a vehicle owned by a small business drives, the business gets to claim 51-cent tax deduction. It can be so bothersome, keeping detailed records of this though that most small businesses just ignore it. That happens to be a really expensive thing to ignore. Now, a device called Car Checkup puts paid to this source of wastage. All you need to do is to plug the device you get from Car Checkup into the diagnostic port of your car. It keeps track of every mile that you drive and exports everything to Excel. And you can mark everything as personal or business. As a bonus, it allows you to do some of the things that your mechanic with this computerized diagnostic device gets to to – like turning off an errant warning light on your dashboard.

And finally on this list of gadget reviews of tech items that help small businesses, comes an iPhone app. Nobody likes to spend any time on hold with customer support. And to a small businessman, to whom every working hour needs to go into the nurturing of his business, wasting time this way can be absolutely intolerable. Which is where the new iPhone app comes in. It’s called FastCustomer; the app has been programmed with the full customer service trees at lots of major companies and government departments around the country. You just need to punch in the company you need to call and the department, and the app will do the calling, number-choosing and Muzak-listening for you. Now there is a winner. gadget

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