High Tech Wedding Videography

It’s amazing how far we have come in the past few years with technology in video cameras.

It used to be that an industrial AV Video Camera was required to shoot special events and get high quality video. Not any more!

All you need is a good recent camera and some editing software.

Getting a wedding videographer tends to be different from what is Involved getting a photographer

Amazon ImageEvery time you see a friend with a wedding photo album these days, chances are, that it will turn out to be in the photojournalist style. This is where they try to capture wedding pictures tolook like those award-winning shots of the Prince of Wales getting married. There’s a certain look to wedding pictures that are shot in this style.

They look a bit detached and they give you new perspective. But why do brides, after they put this kind of thought into their choice of wedding photographer, go and choose a wedding videographer who can nothing more than just stand there and hold a camera?

There have been enough articles written about how to choose a wedding photographer, and people no longer make a mistake here. They’ve turned all their attention to how to make mistakes of the same kind choosing a wedding videographer.

You’d be surprised how often an inexperienced wedding videographer will just stand right there in front of the guests and block their view. He will also be late, have less equipment than needed, and so on.

The basic rule is that you need to pay as much attention to the wedding videographer as you do to choosing the photographer. Videographers are not all the same. It isn’t enough to just pick someone who calls himself a multimedia professional because he owns a camera and can trail newlyweds everywhere they go.

You want to pay attention to the kind of videography a professional videographer capable of capturing for you, you want to make sure that they have this style is compatible with the photography start with you choose.

You need to make sure that you hire a videographer who has a style that issimilar to the style of photography used by the photographer.

Musicians making music – software and gear.

Do make sure that you speak to the videographer beforehand to get his input on the kind of work he puts out. You do need to realize that video isn’t just about the moving pictures. It’s also about what you get to hear. You need to make sure that the videographer has a action plan and for how exactly to capture the clearest possible sound.

Do make sure that you ask them if they like to look around for wonderful little photo ops in a wedding and if they like to re-create those settings. This can be great for weddings. It could be an idea to ask your wedding photographer for a recommendation on a videographer. They are bound to have some pretty good names in mind.

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