What are the main benefits of Active Speakers?

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Active Speakers – What are the main benefits?

According to all known passive loudspeakers were invented in the 60s to the active speaker.

This is a reason. It explains where the active has its advantages over the passive.

Amazon ImageActive speakers are different from the passive in that they have installed the amplifier. This has the consequence that they take the small signals from the sound source directly, for example via RCA jacks. This has the advantage that the signal can be adjusted relative to electronics to the speaker chassis and housing simply to increase the sound quality.

Active speakers are used like for studio recordings and live performances to save additional amplifiers. Since in this area the signals over balanced lines are routed, the line length is not critical, unlike the speaker cables, where the signals are strongly distorted in longer lines. Also, the cooling is not critical in active loudspeakers normal size.

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To consider is that many amplifiers, the power supply is often dimensioned too small, which can lead to distorted sound, too. Although the built-in speaker amplifiers increase the price, you can save only the complex passive crossovers that are necessary to linearize the frequency response, as is necessary with valuable speakers.

The construction of the amplifier is not very critical, as the individual amplifiers are only responsible for a relatively small frequency range. High-quality passive speakers are not to have less than high-quality active speakers. Large speaker set now forging on active speakers in order to get even better sound from the chassis and boxes can.

Passive speaker incidentally burden the final stage of an amplifier or an amplifier through the use of non-linear passive crossover network. That is, by use of large capacitors and coils and the resistor is very complex, which may adversely affect the frequency response of the amplifier. Again, the active speaker can score because each loudspeaker is assigned to a power amp.

The choice is more and more on active speakers because of the quality of sound sources such as CD, DVD and BluRay Disc considerably higher demands are made as to the days of the record. The linearity of the volume over the entire audible frequency range is paramount here and the active speaker has the edge.

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