Netflix Keeps Improving Video Quality

The world of movies and video rental is constantly evolving. I can still remember back in the 80s when we all rented VHS tapes on Friday and Saturday nights. The funny part is that many of us even rented the VCRs to play them in. Fortunately everything has been upgraded since then and most folks don’t even care about using old-school VCRs anymore.

This is the age of online streaming, high quality HD, DVDs and blue ray discs. Netflix video quality needs to be the absolute best it can be to be competitive.

Thank goodness all that rewinding is gone forever. Furthermore, the process of renting and buying movies has converted to cyberspace. Who says you have to hit up the local video store in order to rent a few flicks? You certainly don’t with companies like Netflix around. Have you received your free Netflix coupons in the mail yet? These will change your rental process.

Netflix coupons arrive in my mailbox all the time. This is not really applicable to me since I already have a Netflix account. You see, these Netflix coupons are geared toward individuals who’ve yet to sign up with Netflix. They are basically offering newbies a couple of weeks or even a month of free movie rentals. If you choose to keep the service, then you will then be billed thereafter. If you’re not familiar with Netflix, it’s basically an online DVD rental service. They offer an outstanding variety of films, new and old, from every genre. Netflix definitely offers a better variety than Blockbuster Total Access.

With Netflix you can choose an online rental plan. For example, you can choose to have three movies out at one time. This will cost you just under 17 dollars each month. Yeah, not too shabby! You can keep each DVD out for as long as you want, but remember only three can be out at a time. They also offer a single rental out at a time for around five dollars a month, which is an excellent deal. Think about how many movies you watch and how many you really want to keep out at once.

Regardless of whether you have Netflix coupons to use or not, you additionally get free online movie watching every month. This depends upon how much you spend.

For example, if you spend 17 bucks each month, then you get 17 hours of free movie watching on your PC. You can choose the titles you wish to view immediately and watch them whenever you choose. So, the next time you receive a Netflix coupon in the mail, go ahead and sign up.

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Improving Netflix Video Quality

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