Smartphones & Touch Screens In Your Life

Though at one time, the only touch screens I saw were on some games found in bars and casual restaurants, it would seem they are just about everywhere today. If you don’t have one on something in your home, you probably will soon. Your probably even use them when you use your credit or debit card in some stores. The days of signing your name with a pen to a paper receipt may just be limited. They are not nearly as costly as they once were, and that means they are going to be on more and more new products you find on the shelves of your favorite stores.

One surprising place if found touch screens was in the electronics store. It’s not unusual to find them there, but it was the items that had them. We bought a digital camcorder, and we got an amazing deal on a floor model that had been discontinued. For the price we paid, I thought it was a bare bones type of camcorder, but that was not the case. This one came with a touch screen for the uses of rewinding, playing, and stopping playback, as well as setting different options on the menu screens. I was not expecting it to be touch screens when I bought it.

Touch screens are coming up on smartphone today as well. Though there are not a lot of them that have this today, you can expect this to become more and more common within the next few years. These will make almost all functions of the phone easier to use, but may also raise the price a bit. The ease of use will be a huge selling point, however, and as they become more common, the prices will start to drop, even if only a little bit. Cameras and Internet access were past items used to sell new phones, but the touch screens may be the major selling points very soon, if not already.

If you thought that touch screens in your home to control lights, temperature, and even your security system would be things you would not see in your lifetime, you may be surprised at what happens within the next five or ten years. These are going to grow in all technologies so the ease of using things in the home is much better than every before. It may also mean that things can be controlled from one spot, and even from a remote location. Touch screens are easy to use and make things so much simpler for those that have problems with programming VCRS.

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