Starting With Electronics

Electronic things just baffle me. There are so many components I do not know where to begin. I think I should take a course at the junior college, or I should look up some things online to get an idea of what really is going on in the world around me.

What does a piston actuator do? What does a transistor do? Why do I need to reset certain electronic devices? Isn’t that like the definition of something idiotic: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?

Sigh. There is so much that is going on it could just be overwhelming. It could be too much. I do want to try and get a grip, a basic understanding of electronics. Maybe I would be able to fix some of the appliances and electronics around my home as they need repair. That would sure be a nice thing to be able to do.

Well, ready set here I go! Oh, and I will be getting that piston actuator here:

FYI Gadgets!

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